12/08/2018 - We have now received the 2017 data and will be processing it over the next few days - Updates will be here once it is plotted

17/05/2018 - DfT Announces delay in publication of 2017 STATS19 collision data No further updates until September 2018

With hundreds of searches per hour, the award-winning CrashMap website has been providing information about recorded injury collisions on the road of Great Britain since 2011. It has proved a valuable resource for concerned members of the public, local groups, charities, planners, independent auditors, local authorities, and many more. It also regularly features in newspaper articles and is a fantastic definitive map of the official GB road collision statistics. From September 2016 we are also available to offer a limited Northern Ireland dataset and are happy to work with other countries to expand our service.

We provide a free search service which displays information about locations, dates, times and the number of vehicles and casualties involved. There are also filters for casualty types e.g. pedestrians, and types of vehicle involved. We also offer more detailed reports for those who need to know more information*. Enter a location or postcode into the search box below to browse the map:

CrashMap only uses official data from incidents reported to the police so the results are the most reliable available. We rely on data provided from the Department for Transport and aim to keep the map as up-to-date as possible. Please see the About the Data section to find out more about our data sources and frequency of updates.

*Access to detailed reports requires user registration and report credits - For more information click on the 'Getting Started' button above.

Disclaimer: The data utilised in CrashMap is derived directly from a published government source and we therefore accept no liability for errors or inaccuracies in the information reported through this website. If your query is about the quality of the underlying data, please contact the Department for Transport (